London Ahead of NYC As Centre For Theatre

According to the Financial Times, London UK has the biggest theatre audience of any other city in the world.

The British capital’s theatre attendances was  a staggering 22m in the past two years. This is putting the British capital ahead of New York as a centre for theatre in the world. Nick Starr, executive director at the National Theatre, in a public statement: “We think this number shows that we are the [top] world city for theatre.”

According to industry insiders, theatre in London today is enjoying a “golden period”. Theatre in London is now more popular looking at revenue compared to movie theatres and other entertainment venues. With the study however came also warnings about a need for investment in ageing theatre buildings and the prospects for profitability due to falling ticket prices.

More than 3,000 performers and more than 6,500 full-time non-performing staff work in the theatre sector in London today.

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Entertainment Venues & Fire Safety

Fires can often result in tragedies. But when entertainment venues such as as arenas or sports stadiums are involved, a fire may well turn into a major disaster where hundreds of  lives can be at stake.

A Modern Dry Riser System

It is for that reason that fire safety for such venues should deserve our attention. Here in this blog post I want to write about common fire safety measures that are often found installed in commercial venues.

If you happen to be an operator of such a venue as I am, this information may be very valuable for you.

Fire safety regulations may vary depending on your country. On the other hand, those regulations are equally strict in most Western countries, especially when it comes to commercial buildings.

Almost any nations, including the United States, the UK and other European nations have rules in place that must be followed by law.

Dry Riser Systems

For example, in the United Kingdom exists the requirement that all commercial structures that are taller than 18 meters must have a dry riser system.

In essence, a dry riser system is a system of pipes. The dry riser system makes it possible that the fire brigade can distribute water or any other extinguishing agent all throughout a building.

Once the requirement for a dry riser system is met, the building proprietor or owner must also think about regular dry riser testing. This is likewise mandated by law to ensure that the system always works.

The Ansul Fire Suppresseion System is one other fire prevention system that is especially made for commercial venues. In this case, the Ansul is a system for commercial kitchens. It is found in hotels, restaurants and similar venues all over the world.

It is not rare that several of those common fire prevention systems can be found within one structure. For example, it is rather likely that a major arena or hotel may have both, a dry riser system and an Ansul system, together with additional fire prevention systems such as smoke alarms and fire alarm consoles.

Only with modern fire safety technology operators of such venues can ensure their customers the maximum safety and protection in case of a fire!