The Bristol Balloon Fiesta

fiesta_history1Europe’s largest ballooning event, the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta will again be held this coming August.

With a history that goes back several decades, the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta today attracts many hundred thousands of visitor. Over 100 hot air balloons are expected for the spectacular event this summer in Bristol.

What makes the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta attractive for families is that it is free and offers a whole of fun for everyone.

If you want to learn more about the schedule this year, check out the official website of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta at

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HMV To Become UK’s Biggest Entertainment Retailer

According to HMV chairman Paul McGowan, “it’s only a matter of time” before HMV will become their nation’s biggest entertainment retailer. There chairman but even so far as to predict that it will be overtaking Internet giant

Some have doubts whether this will happen sealing that this statement comes one year-and-a-half after the chain went into administration where more than 100 jobs had been put at risk in the process,

Turnaround firm Hilco ever saved the company in early 15. They spent the past 12 months trying to get customers back into the remaining stores.

The CEO of Hilco, Paul McGowan said in a public statement that there is now an increased interest in CDs and vinyl again.


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London Ahead of NYC As Centre For Theatre

According to the Financial Times, London UK has the biggest theatre audience of any other city in the world.

The British capital’s theatre attendances was  a staggering 22m in the past two years. This is putting the British capital ahead of New York as a centre for theatre in the world. Nick Starr, executive director at the National Theatre, in a public statement: “We think this number shows that we are the [top] world city for theatre.”

According to industry insiders, theatre in London today is enjoying a “golden period”. Theatre in London is now more popular looking at revenue compared to movie theatres and other entertainment venues. With the study however came also warnings about a need for investment in ageing theatre buildings and the prospects for profitability due to falling ticket prices.

More than 3,000 performers and more than 6,500 full-time non-performing staff work in the theatre sector in London today.

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