Fire Safety For Sports And Entertainment Venues

fcam1Sports and entertainment venues such as arenas and stadiums are at a particular high risk for fires, as several disasters in the past have shown.

The problem with such locations isn’t just that any fire could possibly injure hundreds of people.

It is also that reliable fire detection for stadiums and in particular for outdoor sports venues had always been problematic, at least until recently. The reason for this is that smoke detectors, due to the way how they work do not work outdoors.

New fire detection technologies such as digital fire cameras and optical smoke alarms can now greatly increase fire safety for these locations where fire detection had been impossible until recently.

How does a Fire camera work?

A fire camera is monitoring a life video feed for a smoke and fire. The instant when the system spots a fire, it can sound an alarm or summon emergency responders. The biggest advantage of a fire camera is that it can also work from a distance. Modern fire cameras such as the Fcam can detect fires from several hundred metres away and can do so within seconds of detection of smoke or fire. In addition to that, they are also much more reliable then smoke detectors with less false alarms.

As the fire camera can work from far away to oversee a larger space or building, this means that the camera can also detect fires from many different locations. For instance, a fire camera could monitor an entire building such as a stadium or monitor areas such as parking lots and sound an alarm in case of a fire. A smoke detector, in comparison, could only detect fire in a single room. This makes fire cameras much better suited than many other types of fire detection systems, not only for sports but also for businesses and increasingly more also for private home owners.