Planning A Wedding On A Budget

There are those folks who may well spend a fortune on a wedding and whatever goes with it, such as the wedding reception, the rings, catering and everything else. But not everyone has tens of thousands of pounds to spend on a wedding. Then there are those people who may well have the cash but still prefer to keep it affordable. After all, your wedding day will be over sooner or later and common sense might say there are smarter things in life then spending a fortune on this one although very special day.

The good news is that weddings don’t have to be excessively expensive. Even on a budget you can have a great wedding day and a reception without major compromises.

There is a great list of 50 cheap wedding tips that I’ve found over at the Money Saving Expert website. It covers everything to help you save some money starting from selecting your rings to taking advantage of coupons and vouchers. Check it out, I found the article very helpful.